Do you keep a checklist or do you want to start one? Checklist Day emphasizes the significance of a checklist. It prevents us from unnecessary mistakes or mishaps, and gives way to new and more efficient ways to accomplish any endeavors.

Checklist Day 2017

Checklist Day this year will be celebrated on a Monday, October 30.

Every year, Checklist Day is celebrated on the 30th of October.

Checklist Day History

The importance of checklist was recognized after a tragic aircraft crash on October 30, 1935. An accident occurred during the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress’ Model 299 prototype’s takeoff at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. The accident’s primary reason was a gust lock which was still engaged.

Such unfortunate event initiated an idea for a group of pilots: they created a checklist for every takeoff, flight before and after landing of a plane. This way, future errors will be eliminated or corrected.

Checklist- Why it is Essential

Careful planning is essential for a successful activity. If one is conscientious in listing down the important details, he creates a bigger chance to keep any goal on track or for an event to be a success. It will improve your strategy planning and will make you anticipate any possible errors.

Points to Remember on Checklist Day  

This Checklist Day, make it a point to start your day with a checklist at hand. What do you want to accomplish? You will discover that in keeping a checklist, you will recognize any pattern of mistakes that you have been unwarily making. Be it shopping, nutrition or daily life checklist, save time and make more opportunities for an improved life.

Checklist Day 2018

Checklist Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Tuesday, October 30.