December had always been a festive month.  It is the time to be merry, to share and spend time with family and friends. For some who find themselves miles away from their loved ones, they reach out by sending gifts or cards.

When is the Christmas Card Day in 2017?

Christmas Card Day is on December 9, 2017, a Saturday.

Christmas Card Day is always the 9th day of December annually.

Origin of the Christmas Card Day:

For centuries, Christmas cards had always been personalized, manually written and sent through the post.  In 1843, Sir Henry Cole, the first director of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, was so busy that he thought of a way to make a card without eating so much of his time.  He commissioned John Horsley for the illustration, and with a single line greeting, the first commercial card was born.

The Christmas Card Day honours Sir Henry Cole.  The date was probably chosen to give ample time for the people to prepare and send cards in time for Christmas.  With the onset of digital media, electronic greeting cards are now available.  The latest version of the eCard is animated.

Christmas Card Day celebration:

There can be many creative ways to celebrate the Christmas Card Day aside from sending cards.  Schools conduct contests on card making, writing holiday messages or illustrations.  At times, such competitions are also done by churches, communities and civic organizations.  Winners usually present their creation for public auctions with the proceeds donated for a cause.

Christmas Cards Day is celebrated by all the people in the world.  It had always been an integral part of the holiday tradition.  Just like the Christmas tree, it symbolizes love, hope and charity.  Sending a card shows how much a person is loved, missed and thought of in a very special way.

When is the Christmas Card Day in 2018?

Christmas Card Day will be celebrated on December 9, 2018, a Sunday.