The flavor and aroma of cinnamon can wet the appetite of any cinnamon lover.  This spice has so many uses; as a flavoring and other things including incense and as a medical herb back in the Renaissance period.  Today it is a popular flavoring of food items such as junk food, oatmeal and of course bread. On Cinnamon Roll Day, people get to enjoy the sweet, dough-ey goodness of the cinnamon roll.

When is Cinnamon Roll Day (Kanelbullens Dag) 2017?

Cinnamon Roll Day 2017 is on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Cinnamon Roll Day is celebrated once a year on October 4.

How did Cinnamon Roll Day begin?

It is unknown how exactly Cinnamon roll day began, but there is a popular Swedish festival called Kanelbullens Dag.  It has been celebrated recently and cinnamon rolls of all kinds are served. These may be made from different kinds of flour, some are glazed with various kinds of sugar or toppings, or mixed with several fruit fillings.

What will people do on Cinnamon Roll Day?

The best way to experience Cinnamon roll day is to eat one.  Wherever a person may be around the world, there is always a cinnamon roll in a local bakery or supermarket.  Buy one or a dozen, pair it with tea, soda, fruit juice, wine or whatever beverage is available, share it with family, friends and colleagues. Have a cook-out at home; let the kids knead the dough, fill it with fillings.  Let them be creative or suggest a bake sale at a PTA meeting.  Lastly if the pocket is loaded like a cinnamon roll, travel to Sweden and taste the great Kanelbulle.

When is Cinnamon Roll Day 2018?

Cinnamon Roll Day 2018 is on Thursday October 4, 2018.

Have a filling Kanelbullens day!