Coast Guard Day is a special day dedicated to all members of military branch that primarily preserves our coast. Although it is an American holiday, it is still celebrated worldwide to honor the bravery of all coast guards who strive to do uphold coastal defense.


U.S. Coast Guard Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Friday, August 4th.

U.S. Coast Guard Day is always celebrated on August 4th.

Coast Guard Day History

Coast Guard Day was observed in honor of United States Coast Guard’s establishment of Revenue Marine on August 4, 1970. It was spearheaded by Alexander Hamilton, a former Secretary of Treasury. Later on in 1915, Coast Guard was called by its name through the initiative of a Congress act authorized by former President Woodrow Wilson. At that time, Revenue Cutter Service and U.S. Life-Saving Service fused. Its main purpose is to serve and save the people from any sea endangerment and to advocate naval laws.

Coast Guard Day Facts

  • In U.S. and Canada, Coast Guard Day is a highly esteemed Armed Forces Branch’s community celebration.
  • Coast Guard Day is intended as an internal activity at Grand Haven at Michigan, namely for its Coast Guard employees, families, retirees and auxiliary units.
  • Coast Guard Day is not restricted to Coast Guard members and the families. If you believe in the principles the Coast Guard Day embody, you are encouraged to celebrate the day as well.   

Coast Guard Day Activities

Traditionally, U.S. Coast Guard Day is celebrated through picnics and casual sports competitions. Specifically, the activities are kids’ day, street dance, car show, grand parade.

The highlight of the Coast Guard Day event is the grand parade, which features an elaborate show by military units, marching bands and dignitaries along with several novelty units.


U.S. Coast Guard Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Saturday, August 4th.