Do you ordinarily appreciate cows? There is a created day for that: Cow Appreciation Day. If you haven’t taken the time to value the cow nutrition we receive in our meals, now is the time to do so.

Cow Appreciation Day 2017

Cow Appreciation Day 2017 falls on a Friday, July 14.

Cow Appreciation Day is always celebrated on the second Friday of July.

Cowabunga! It’s Cow Appreciation Day

Here’s some fun facts about cows:

  • A cow consumes 30 gallons of water daily.
  • A cow’s meal lasts up to 6 hours daily yet when they chew their cud, it lasts for 8 hours. Interestingly, when they chew the cud, it means they eject their incompletely eaten food and chew it right back. 
  • A cow has an impressive smelling sense: it can get a whiff of anything even if it’s 5 miles away.
  • A cow’s life span lasts until 25 years.
  • A female cow stays pregnant until 9 months.

In a superficial level, we all know that cows provide certain amount of nourishment to us. For example in dairy products, they provide pasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and more. In meat products, they supply roast, steak, hamburger and many others. If you think about it, cows have been feeding us with delicious servings, so it’s only appropriate that we take a moment to appreciate them in National Cow Appreciation Day.

Cow-filled Activities

This Cow Appreciation Day, what activities do you have in mind?

First, you can have cow contests. Gather round your family and friends and have a cow lingo contest. The winner will be those who can come up with the most cow expressions. Second, you can have a cow costume contest. The best and most entertaining cow costume wins. Third, you can conduct a cow art. It’s the part of the contest where the participants have the freedom to express through art about their cow appreciation. Let their imagination run frenzy.

So get mooo-ving and enjoy the National Cow Appreciation Day!

Cow Appreciation Day 2018

Cow Appreciation Day 2018 falls on a Friday, July 13.