How do you show affection physically to your parents, siblings and friends?  Smiling, a pat at the back for a job well done or a light kiss on the forehead or cheeks is a common way to show respect, affection or warm greeting to them.  But on some special days, a simple hug or simply staying close with a beloved is a touching way to show love and care.

When is the Cuddle up Day in 2018?

Cuddle up Day is on January 6, 2018, a Saturday.

Cuddle up Day is always on the 6th day of each year.

Cuddle up Day celebration:

Cuddle up Day has no recorded origin or history.  The only recorded event is when the word cuddle was first used in 1520.  Cuddle is defined as to hug tenderly and holding in a close embrace.  Cuddle up Day is a special day for people to give time for their loved ones.  In today’s busy humdrum days, observance of this day is a necessity.

This day reminds people to spend a day with their beloved person or object.  So, it’s a day spent cuddling your favourite teddy bear or pet.  Another way is to simply lounge in your comfortable easy chair reading your favoured book or watching your preferred TV show.  It’s a perfect day to write in your diary or review the last events you’ve recorded I it.

Three Kings Day:

This religious holiday, among other special day events, is also observed on the 6th day of the year.  Otherwise known as the Epiphany, it is celebrated on the 12th day after Christmas.  This holiday honours the three kings or wise men, Melchior, Caspar and Baltazar,   for following the bright star of Bethlehem to reach the Child Jesus so they can bring gifts to Him.

In Latin America, from Christmas till Epiphany, children go on house to house carolling.  In France, people eat galette des Rois, also known as the king cake, to determine who shall be king of the day.  This title goes to the person who finds a trinket or bean inside the cake.  Argentina, on the other hand, celebrates this day by leaving milk, sweet wine and fruit outside their door on the eve of Epiphany.  This is to ensure that the 3 kings and their camel have a meal to partake in their journey.

When is the Cuddle up Day in 2019?

Cuddle up Day will be on January 6, 2019, a Sunday.