Each religion or philosophy has a special day where all believers or sympathizers unite in celebration.  There can be as many religious holidays in a year as may be chosen by each congregation.  As many races there are in the world, so are the religious groups or sects.  One latest addition is Dudeism, a religion of taking things easy where members are called “Dudes” regardless of gender.

When is the Day of the Dude in 2020?

The Day of the Dude is on March 6, 2020, a Friday.

The Day of the Dude is always celebrated worldwide on the 6th day of March each year.

Origins and Purpose of the Day of the Dude:

Dude, referring to a person in the American English slang, also refers to believers of Dudeism.  Just as Catholics and Christians celebrate Christ’s birth on Christmas Day, so do Dudeism have its Day of the Dude.  The first official annual sacred Dudeist holy day, the Day of the Dude, was on March 6, 2010.  This is to celebrate the day that the Big Lebowski was bestowed to the world in 1998.

The Day of the Dude celebration:

This special day is observed in many ways by believers of Dudeism, such as, bonfire with barbeque parties; drinking white Russians while film watching; or organizing events and have it promoted for free by The Dudespaper via [email protected]  Bowling tournaments or group discussions on Dudeist philosophy is the common event organized.

Donating to the group or purchasing Dudeism shirts and reading materials are also welcome.  People are also encouraged to share photos and videos of their activities for the day.  For a solitary private observance, bathing with candles and whale sounds are recommended.  Supporters are also invited to write articles on how they spent the Day of the Dude and send it to The Dudespaper.

When is the Day of the Dude in 2021?

The Day of the Dude is on March 6, 2021, a Saturday.