What’s one book that knows every word out there in the world? No, it’s not Google. Way before the invention of the internet, the dictionary has been one of the most useful sources of information. If you are fond of words, a stickler for proper word use and grammar or just like this important book,  Dictionary Day is a fun day to celebrate. 

Dictionary Day 2017

Dictionary Day 2017 happens on Monday, October 16.

Dictionary Day is celebrated every 16th of October.

Dictionary Day Origin

Dictionary Day happens every October 16th because the Father of American Dictionary, Noah Webster, was born on October 16, 1758. Although there is no official declaration of how and why Dictionary Day came about, Dictionary Day is celebrated in different areas of the world as reminder of the importance of vocabulary and dictionary skills.

Dictionary Day Celebration

  • Celebrate Dictionary Day  by flipping through the dictionary, finding one to five new words and use them in your conversations throughout the day.
  • Donate a dictionary, preferably the newest edition to your local library or public school in your area.
  • Give young children you know their first children’s dictionary.
  • For families with children, teach the kids how to use the dictionary and use fun word worksheets too.
  • Teach children how to alphabetize and spell words from the dictionary using alphabet soup, alphabet letters, blocks and other child friendly materials.
  • Make a list of “words you encounter but don’t know the meaning” and look them up in the dictionary.
  • Brush up on your vocabulary and spelling skills by playing games like Up Words, Scrabble, Boggle, crossword puzzles and word searches.
  • The best way to celebrate Dictionary Day according to lexicographers and word enthusiasts is to learn a new word from the dictionary every single day.

Dictionary Day Facts

  • Noah Webster started writing the dictionary when he was 43 years old. It took 27 years to finish the whole book which contained traditional English words and words that are unique to America.
  • Dictionary Day falls on the same day as Boss’ Day, Feral Cat Day and World Food Day.

Dictionary Day 2018

Dictionary Day 2018 will be Tuesday, October 16.