This is the first time I heard of Dyngus Day!  As I go through my research, I am amazed to know that its traditional ritual is being done by a city in the Philippines.  Though it’s held on a different date, San Juan City celebrates its fiesta by dousing people on the streets with water.  This day is in honour of St. John the Baptist.  Filipinos in spend this day swimming commemorating Christ’s baptism.

When is the Dyngus Day in 2018?

Dyngus Day is on April 2, 2018, a Monday.

Dyngus Day is always observed worldwide on the Monday after Easter Sunday each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the Dyngus Day:

The origin of Dyngus Day or Dingus Day is attributed to the baptism of Prince Mieszko I of Poland in 966 A.D.  It is also referred to as Easter Monday, Festival Easter or Wet Monday in commemoration of the ceremonial pouring of water as a sign of cleansing.  It is a holiday in Australia, many places in Europe and Egypt.

What is the Dyngus Day?

Dyngus Day is a Polish week-long holiday, which starts on Easter Sunday, celebrating the end of Lent.  The celebration is festive where friends and strangers alike are doused with water on the streets.  In North America, it is the largest polka festival.  This fun day also celebrates fertility and courtship as represented by the pussy willows.

The Dyngus Day Celebrations:

Buffalo, New York is known as the”Dyngus Day Capital of the World.” It had been known for its merriment in its yearly observance of this day.  Activities on this day include events on welcoming spring, playing with pussy willows and a pompous display of Polish pride.

This day showcases the performance of famous polka bands amidst much revelry.  Vodka and beer overflow on this day while authentic Polish cuisine is made available.  Aside from dancing, a parade is also held at the historic Polonia District attended by people in their best clothing.

When is the Dyngus Day in 2019?

Dyngus Day is on April 22, 2019 a Monday.

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