Tired if utilizing the classic way of sending paper greeting cards to your love ones and friends? You might want to try sending them an Electronic greeting cards this Electronic Greeting Card Day. Make it extra special when it is your first time to do it.

When is Electronic Greeting Card Day 2017

Electronic Greeting Card Day is on Friday, 17th day of November.

Electronic Greeting Card Day is always observed on November 17.

Electronic Greeting Card Day Origin

Electronic Greeting Card Day is one of the smartest, quickest and cheapest ways of sending your greetings and messages to your love ones and friends. We never discount the good old ways of sending a paper card but it is better to explore and try new but exquisite ways and better ideas in celebrating with someone’s special day. Instead of sending your greetings thru mail or postal service, electronic greeting cards or e-cards are sent electronically.

There is no detailed information and facts about this holiday on how it started and who formally established it. Its origin may be ambiguous; nonetheless it is a high time to try this manner of sending cards not just for one person but to as many people as you want. Electronic greeting card not just helps you to save some extra money for other presents, it also aids in saving the cost of stamp and conserving the environment.

Most people, especially the younger ones, love the idea of sending and receiving e-cards or electronic greeting cards because most of them spend more time in the internet and with just a click, their greetings are automatically sent to their recipients.

Electronic Greeting Card Day Thoughts

In tribute to Electronic Greeting Card Day, celebrate and enjoy this holiday with a motive to bless and encourage people by the greetings they will receive through e-cards.

  • E-cards are not just given out on birthdays or anniversaries but also when you remember a long-distance friend whom you’re not seeing for quite some time. Give them an e-card that symbolizes a hug for missing someone.
  • Send as many e-cards as you can to all your friends, especially that Christmas holiday are fast approaching. It’s free anyway.
  • You may design your own custom-made electronic greeting card for a specific person who will celebrate his or her birthday overseas. It is more appreciated than with those ready-mades.
  • If your grandparents haven’t receive an electronic greeting card yet, send them one and have them see and read it personally.

Electronic Greeting Card Day 2018

Electronic Greeting Card Day will take place on a Saturday, 17th of November.