Embrace Your Geekness Day 2017

Embrace Your Geekness Day is a day to celebrate every individual’s inner geekness. In this age of social media advancement, it has become increasingly easier to be interested and well-informed about a specific area. So to everyone who is a geek and enjoys being one, Embrace Your Geekness Day is the day for you!

Embrace Your Geekness Day 2017

Embrace Your Geekness Day 2017 will take place on a Thursday, July 13th.

Embrace Your Geekness Day is always celebrated on July 13th.

Why Embrace Your Geekness?

Before we can truly embrace geekness day, it is important to understand how it began. First, it was initiated by people from Wellcat Holidays. To paraphrase what they said about geekness, ‘you are a geek if you spend time on particular internet websites which contain games, comic books and vampire dress-up.’

With such encouragement is where the delight of Embrace Your Geekness Day comes from. Whether they may be immersed in a seemingly inessential pursuit, the point is to embrace their true geek nature with grace and joy.

Unleash the Geek in You

If you’re a geek, how do you plan to spend Embrace Your Geekness Day? You can opt to simply be yourself, or to do your usual geek activities. But to make it more interesting, why not add flavor to your usual geek routine?

  • You can gather with your geek friends and impersonate your favorite character from a comic book or sci-fi movie. To spice things up as an alternative, you can also hold a contest on who impersonates his favorite icon best
  • You can immerse yourself in a movie you’ve been wanting to watch for a long time but just didn’t have the time to. Whether it’s a sequel of your favorite movie or of another movie genre, now is the time to do that.
  • Read a book from another genre. Who knows you might also reading and learning books from another field.

Embrace Your Geekness Day 2018

Embrace Your Geekness Day 2018 will take place on a Friday, July 13th.