“United in Diversity” is the European Union’s motto since 2000.  Effective integration among countries, each having its own set of language, culture and history, is geared towards attaining unity characterized by a peaceful coexistence.

When is Europe Day in 2017?

Euro or Europe Day will be celebrated on May 5, 2017, a Friday, AND on May 9, 2017, a Tuesday.

Europe Day is always celebrated on the 5th and 9th day of May each year.

The Origin of Euro Day:

The European Day is observed annually in Europe on May 5 and May 9.  May 5, 1949 marked the creation of the Council of Europe, symbolized by the Flag of Europe.  In May 9, 1950, Robert Schuman, the first president of the European Parliamentary Assembly, proposed the Schuman Declaration.

This gave way to the European Union, also known as the European Communities.  Since then on, the European Day was celebrated twice a year annually.

How is the European Day celebrated?

To ensure awareness for the need to unite Europe, various activities and festivities are conducted.  On this day, the flag is displayed and the national anthem is sung.  It is also the day when the European Union holds an open house for the public.  Considering that this day is celebrated twice in a year, creative activities, such as photo exhibits, debates, poster-making contests and concerts, are organized.

As a twist of fate, May 5 of each year is also the Liberation Day in Denmark and Netherlands.  On the other hand, May 9 of each year is Victory Day against the German invaders in Belgium, Luxemburg and France.  This day marked the end of the World War II.  Thus, European Day is a festive celebration of freedom, peace and unity.

When is Euro Day in 2018?

European Day will be celebrated on May 5, 2018, a Saturday, and on May 9, 2018, a Wednesday.