In most countries, the family is considered as the basic structure of the community.  Values, customs and traditions are handed on from generation to generation through the family.  Due to the demands of work brought about by technological development, time spent with family members have drastically declined through the years.

When is Family Day in Canada in 2018?

In 2018, Family Day in Canada, with the exception of British Columbia, is on February 19, 2017, a Monday.  British Columbia celebrates its Family Day on February 12, 2019 a Monday.

Family day is observed only by Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and British Columbia.  In essence, Family Day is also celebrated in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island but is called a different name.

Except for British Columbia, Family Day in Canada is always celebrated on the third Monday of February each year.  British Columbia’s Family Day is always on the second Monday of February annually.

History of Family Day in Canada:

Alberta was the first to celebrate Family Day in Canada.  This was in 1990 to give value to the importance of family in the society and give its hard working people time to bond with their family and friends.  In 2007, Saskatchewan observed their first Family Day.  April 17 of the same year, the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba passed the Louis Riel Day in honour of the Father of Manitoba.  On February 18, 2008, Manitoba and Ontario observed their first Family Day.

In February of 2009, Prince Edward Island celebrated its first Family Day but calls it the Islander Day.  In British Columbia, Family Day became a statutory holiday in 2013 and observed on the day the United States of America celebrates its President’s Day.  The US President’s Day honours George Washington, the first President of the United States of America.

How the Family Day is celebrated in Canada:

The government supports the observance of this day by this declaring it a holiday.  Except for certain industries, work continues but work hours are shortened.  In some Canadian areas, business is conducted as usual.

This day is devoted for family and community activities, such as, starting the day with a special family meal and then going to art exhibits, galleries and museums.  Having a picnic at a park, after preparing snacks with the children’s assistance, is also a nice way to spend the day.  Having a hot cocoa and some butter cookies after watching a movie is a quaint way to spend this day.

When is Family Day in 2019?

Canada will celebrate Family Day on February 18, 2019, a Monday.  In British Columbia, Family Day will be on February 11, 2019.