Are you aware that families with regular daily interaction among members have less chances of having kids addicted to drugs?  Frequent supervision of parents on their children’s activities results to making them closer to each other.  This fosters trust and respect which strengthens the love within the family.

When is the 2017 Family Day in the United States of America?

Family Day is on August 6th, 2017, a Sunday, in Arizona. Nevada, on the other hand, celebrates Family Day on November 24th, 2017, a Friday.

Family day is always celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August in Arizona and on the day after Thanksgiving in Nevada.

Purpose of Family Day in the United States of America:

Though Family Day is recognized as a holiday in only two states in the United States of America, Arizona and Nevada specifically, it is a worldwide belief that the family is an important part of any nation.  Family Day ensures that parents and children will have a day to strengthen their ties and, in a macro level, strengthen the nation.

USA Family Day celebration:

For busy families who are always on the go, Family Day is a day to hang around the home.  Leisurely activities may be done through simple household chores, such as, father and son cleaning the car while the mother and daughter prepares a meal.  A simple backyard barbecue is also a quaint way to spend the day with the presence of relatives and friends.

In Arizona, family trips can be organized to visit Slide Rock State Park in Sedona or Montezuma Castle in Rimrock.  For families residing near Picacho, the Roaster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch can be an ideal place to see.  American places are riddled with natural attractions perfect for hiking, fishing, swimming and biking.  In a leisurely manner, a family may just simply go on scenic drives in the country’s rocky canyons, placid lakes, tall cliffs and vast woodland.

When is the US Family Day in 2018?

Family Day in Arizona is on August 5, 2018, a Sunday, while Nevada will observe it on November 23, a Friday.

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