In today’s busy life, family time can be fleeting with no assurance of being fun.  Global warming had affected the weather in the world that planning activities should make it a foremost factor to consider.  Thus, planning events should be carefully made and backed up by alternative plans should Mother Earth intervene.

Great Ideas for celebrating Family Day:

To give justice to Family Day and to ensure the attainment of the day’s purpose, creative plans should be made to guarantee the day to be fun-filled.  As this day happens only once a year, it’s but proper that this day be spent in a very special day.  Here are some original and refreshing ideas to have a truly exciting day with your family:

  • Treasure Hunting Game:

Knowledge of the children’s interest can make this a thrilling game.  A parent would hide stuff of interest of family members in places around the home.  Depending on the family’s budget, hidden objects may be a trinket, a bag of candies, a box of chocolates, a pack of biscuits, a purse, a book, some money, a mobile phone, a tabloid, or anything a family member may want to have.

At the end of the game, treasure found may be exchanged by the finders among themselves.   This activity teaches cooperation and is a unique form of the reward system.  It also promotes empathy and sharing within the family.  The preparation for this game indirectly speaks of the parents’ love for their children.

  • Cooking Contest:

This is a perfect activity for a family with three children.  Through lottery, a child is to prepare a meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Three prizes are prepared for the winners.  Obviously, everybody wins!  The grand prize winner is the person who prepared a meal which got the highest average grade from the judges consisting of all family members.  The others get consolation prizes for their efforts.

This activity just doesn’t give moms a day off from cooking but also encourages children to help out.  This also shows concretely the children’s favourite food and how they want it prepared.  Fairness, honesty and creativity are easily recognizable in this activity.

  • Photography and Writing Trip:

A family may go on day or overnight trip in a place chosen by the majority of its members.  Each child is given a camera to take shots of personal interest.  Later during the day, a picture is chosen by the child as topic of an essay or article.  The photo entries and write-ups are then posted in the home’s family room where three guests, relatives or friends, would judge based on agreed criteria by the family members.

All entries get a prize but the grand winner gets a more expensive prize, such as a gift check or an amount of money twice the value of the other cash prizes.  This activity fosters healthy competition among family siblings.  It also promotes communication and gives the parents a chance to know their children better.

Essence of Family Day:

Fun Days may be spent in any way a family chooses.  For as long as it strengthens the family as a unit of society, whatever activity is good enough.  Foremost of all, this day serves as a much-needed break from the usual everyday spent by any family.  Though it may not happen frequently, the happy memory of this single day can surely last a lifetime.  This memory, like woven thread in a tapestry, will give a child the strength to face life long after his parents are gone.