Most countries give tribute to their national heroes and other political figures in their history.  Have you wondered, among the one hundred twenty countries worldwide, how many pay tribute to their artists, sculptures, painters and songwriters?

When is the Stephen Foster Memorial Day in 2018?

The Stephen Foster Memorial Day is on January 13, 2018, a Saturday.

The Stephen Foster Memorial Day is observed annually on the 13th day of January.

Who is Stephen Foster?

Stephen Foster was born in Pennsylvania, USA on July 4, 1826.  His early musical training came from Henry Kleber, a German migrant.  Most of his songs were focused on the African Americans as it was the time when slavery was the most controversial issue.  He died in January 13, 1864 at the young age of 38.

The Origin of the Stephen Foster Memorial Day:

The Stephen Foster Memorial Day was first observed in January 13, 1952 pursuant to the proclamation of President Harry Truman in October of 1951.  Since then on, this day of observance in the United States of America pays tribute to Stephen Foster, a 19th century songwriter hailed as the “Father of American Music.”

The Stephen Foster Memorial Day celebration:

Appropriate ceremonies are undertaken on this tributary day to the country’s finest musicians.  Music appreciation organizations and societies spearhead activities for this day which may include a journey to Stephen Foster shrines.  The usual venue for activities on this day is the Stephen Foster Cultural Centre State Park in Florida.

Musical programs are also held featuring his compositions.  Most enduring of his more than two hundred musical works are:  Social Orchestra, Oh!  Susanna, My Old Kentucky Home, and The Swanee River (Old Folks at Home).  The latter song’s lyrics have been revised and known now as Florida’s State song.

When is the Stephen Foster Memorial Day in 2019?

The Stephen Foster Memorial Day is on January 13, 2019, a Sunday.