Who has not known the famous Frankenstein? Indeed everybody knows who he is. Frankenstein is one of the famous fictional and horror character way back 1800s. Frankenstein Friday is one of the erratic off-the-record holidays we have every year that pays tribute and deference to the melodramatic and creepy fictional story of all time.

When is Frankenstein Friday 2016

Frankenstein Friday will be observed on Friday, October 28.

Frankenstein Friday is celebrated once a year, every last Friday of October.

Frankenstein Friday Origin

Frankenstein Friday is a celebration that adds excitement and enthusiasm to the Halloween season, since it is just in time for some spine-chilling activities and the trick or treat for kids. I must say, we cannot imagine a Halloween season without the character of Frankenstein creeping around the dark corners of the streets.

Frankenstein was born in January 01, 1818 when a young author named Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley wrote a novel about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein who renounced his beliefs with God as a Creator and join forced with the devil just to learn how to restore his younger brother’s life who has drowned. He rapidly created a monster that sooner destroyed everything precious to him.

Producer and Writer, Ron MacCloskey created Frankenstein Holiday in 1997 that recognizes Frankenstein to be the one of the classic horror story of all time that made an influence for over 100 years.

Most people apparently mistaken to use “Frankenstein” as the gruesome monster, but according to the novel, Victor Frankenstein never had given a proper name to his creation.

Spooky but Exciting Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein Friday should not be confused with other Frankenstein holidays such as Frankenstein Day which is celebrated every year on August 30 that pays tribute to its author, Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley while National Frankenstein Day which is commemoratively celebrated on August 30. I can assure you that you have nothing to lose if you will celebrate all of these holidays. Don’t be too hard on yourself; take it easy, for sure you’re going to enjoy it.

Here are some unnerving ways to give colour to this day:

  •   If you haven’t tried to read the novel, today is your best time to do so or watch the different series of Frankenstein classic movies with your friends.
  • Since it’s a Halloween season, have some decorations in your home related to Frankenstein.
  • Let your kids wear a Frankenstein costume on their trick or treat to the neighbours.
  • Prepare a green-coloured cake for the family with Frankenstein face on top of it.
  • Make some trivia questions about Frankenstein and have the kids answer it. Give a token to those who provided correct answers.

In every special holiday, whether it is a national observance or unofficial, every person has the chance to seize it and make the most out of it. Holidays like this makes us to lay aside for a while our usual customs and routines and retain a childlike attitude that appreciates and delights with everything given to them under the sun. Simply enjoy and have fun this Frankenstein Friday.

Frankenstein Friday 2017

Frankenstein Friday will be taking place on the last Friday, October 27.