Stories about the Salem witch hunts and burning of supposed witches at the stake have become very popular legends and folklore.  This includes stories about their gruesome tortures and deaths.  But what was the Salem Witch trials all about?  Were there real witches?  Were there demons?  No.  It was all about using religion as a means of dispatching people they did not like and swaying others to think the same.

When is Free Thought Day 2017?

Free Thought Day 2017 is on Thursday, October 12, 2017.

Free Thought Day is celebrated once a year on October 12.

How did Free Thought Day begin?

Witchcraft is defined as ‘the usage of magical powers.’ It is also known in the Christian religion that witchcraft is a blasphemous act against God and is associated with the devil.  Practicing witchcraft was considered a grave crime punishable by death.

And at height of the witch trial mayhem in Salem, Massachusetts, wherein executions became very rampant one man outstood all the politicians of his time.  Governor William Phips challenged the public and the courts’ basis of their accusations against “witches.”

Their basis was more on a subjective nature; that for instance, the accused “saw demons” that asked the accused to practice witchcraft or if the public gave “testimonies”; that the accused “caused” a certain person in the village illness, or that the accused had “odd” mannerisms, no further investigations were made.

 It was because of the letter he wrote to the Privy Council that aided in stopping the trials.  The trials officially ended on 12th of October, 1692.

What will people do on Free Thought Day?

Freethinking is more on having one’s opinion that is different from the rest.  So on Free Thought Day, whenever a person encounters issues or problems, he should think “outside the box.” For example the current issue of the U.S’ involvement in the war in Syria; some people think that it is right for America to intervene and some don’t agree.

It is alright to believe in one’s own opinion, as long as that opinion supports the common good.  Other issues such as gay marriage or abortion, people should think differently from one other.  Free thinking is also having an opinion that is not influenced by anyone. An individual has intellect and reason.  His judgments should be just and rational.

When is Free Thought Day 2018?

Free Thought Day 2018 is on Friday, October 12, 2018.