Freedom Day is a yearly commemoration in South Africa’s foremost non-racial democratic election in 1994 and always declared a public holiday. It is quite meaningful because it terminates three hundred years of imperialism, apartheid, white minority rule and creation of an up-to-date democratic government led by Nelson Mandela where a contemporary federation will be structured.

Freedom Day 2017

Freedom Day 2017 will be remembered on Thursday, April 27th.

Freedom Day is always remembered on the 27th of April

The Origin of Freedom Day

The remarkable celebrated election in 1994 where citizens or non-citizen of any race over 18 years of age are allowed to vote, marked the beginning and changed the lives of millions of South Africans. A stressful and lengthy election held between South African government, South African Community Party (SACP), African National Congress (ANC) and other civic movements joined where African National Congress (ANC) won and Nelson Mandela was put into power and became the first President of South Africa in May 10.

Observing Freedom Day

South African remembered Freedom Day with great passion. All over the country people joined hands and formed different public events to commemorate the significant of the day. This day is the time where people pays respect to men and women who have lost their lives to win liberty for South Africa. Freedom Day is very memorable to all South African for this is the day they have gained their independence from a difficult lengthy fight. They remind themselves that the best way to retain freedom is to stay watchful with enduring vigilance.

In the yearly celebrations the head of state address the people the important happenings that took placed.Say in the 16th anniversary the president put an emphasis to all activist who sacrificed to achieved such freedom. Never again will they let the oppressordominates them, political supremacy must be enjoy by the majority and commit themselves in continues wiping out discrimination.

Facts about Freedom Day

There are several realities intermix about Freedom Day

  • White domination started in the year 1652 at the Cape where the aborigines of South Africa was put in control by the Whites. People were deprived of all their rights and driven out of their own land.
  • White peoples who dominates South African are the offspring of early settlers from Britain and Netherlands.
  • From 1948 Africa is under white alternative regime and racism recognized as Apartheid pending its first democratic election in 1994.
  • An armed faction of the ANC Umkontowe Sizwe was established throughout 1961 to fight equipped confrontation were merely expelled, jailed and persecuted.

Freedom Day 2015 Theme

2015 marks the 21st celebration of South Africa’s Freedom Day, with the theme: Celebrating the Beginning of the Third Decade of our Freedom through Accelerating Radical Economic Transformation.

This theme recalls the days when freedom was not free and many people strove hard to obtain it. Now, the apartheid system has been abolished and the new system of freedom has taken over. In order to support that freedom, finding means of making the economy prosper in this times is the call today. As people from all walks of life fought to gain freedom before, we must now join hands and help each other find prosperity for our country.

Freedom Day 2018

Freedom Day will be celebrated on April 27, a Friday.

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