Not all are privileged to do work that they love to do.  This seems to be possible only for the children of rich families.  A majority of the world’s populace study a course just to get a college diploma which will entitle them to work.  In many occasions, especially for those living in third world countries, to finish schooling, one has to do part time jobs.

When is the National Fun at Work Day in 2018?

The National Fun at Work Day is on January 28, 2018, a Sunday.

The National Fun at Work Day is always celebrated on the 28th of January each year.

Origin and Purpose of the Fun at Work Day:

There is no record as to the origin of this day.  The work force and even employers understand though the need for this special day.  It has been found that having fun at work develops a positive staff culture.  It improves teamwork by boosting morale and motivation among members.

It also is a good staff retention strategy and cuts on hiring and training cost.  Assured of the employees’ work satisfaction and loyalty, it opens the door for a company to have personnel who are creative and problem solvers.   At the end of the day, productivity and performance is enhanced making it possible for any company to earn more.

Observance of the Fun at Work Day:

Enjoying work needs the support of the company to be successful.  This can be done through two ways:  first, through the initiative of the employees; and, second, through activities supported by the company.  In the former, personalizing work place is a good start.  Socializing with co-workers after work hours, such as, gym work-outs, sports activities or simply dining out, can add fun to working.

The company, on the other hand, promote fun at work through organized events, such as, having annual company outings, out-of-town team building activities and allocating a social hour for birthday celebrants of the month.  At times, companies fund a monthly buddy date for an officer and a staff to enable them to know the employee’s dissatisfaction, if any.

International Fun at Work Day:

Internationally, Fun Day at Work is observed worldwide annually every first day of April.  Some countries call this day as the April Fools’ Day.  During this day, pranks, shenanigans and tricks are done at the workplace and even in schools.  The day is dedicated to having fun while doing work or studying.  As a result, any promises or commitments given on this day should never be taken seriously.

When is the National Fun at Work Day in 2019?

The National Fun at Work Day is on January 28, 2019, a Monday.