Lucky are those rare few who know their exact lineage.  At the rate people are going these days, a person’s descendants are known only until their grandparents, meaning, up to three generations only.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to know who were your ancestors living in the 18th century?  Wouldn’t this knowledge give you confidence in answering the question “Who are you?”

When is the Genealogy Day in 2018?

Genealogy Day is on March 10, 2018, a Saturday.

Genealogy Day is always observed on the second Saturday of March each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the Genealogy Day:

There is no official record as to start of the observance of this special day.  Probably this day was created to support the latest popular hobby of knowing one’s family history.  After all, much self-satisfaction is attained in finding a person’s particular place in one’s family in a wider historical illustration.  It is also everyone’s responsibility to preserve ancestral chronicles for succeeding generations.

What is genealogy?

Genealogy came from the Greek words, “genea” and “logos,” which means generation and knowledge respectively.  It is the study of kinfolk and the finding of their blood relations and memoire.  This results to the creation of a family tree or chart after obtaining data about a family or clan through oral beliefs, chronological records and genetic probe.

Genealogy is commonly used in the United States of America while Europe prefers to use family history.  The Guinness Book of Records recorded the family tree of Confucius as the largest family tree in existence.  Having been sustained for more than 2,500 years, its latest 5th edition was published in 2009 by the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee.

The Genealogy Day observance:

This special day is perfect for volunteering to do research for genealogy clubs or organizations.  Joining family history societies or genealogy workshops are also encouraged.  Starting on a family tree by finding family roots and knowing heritage and ancestors name by name is also an appropriate activity.  Trying the DNA ancestry test is also an exciting thing to do on this unusual day.

When is the Genealogy Day in 2019?

Genealogy Day is on March 9, 2019, a Saturday.