Get Over It Day 2018

Moving on is one of the hardest things to do.  This is a sentimental moment common to all high school graduation ceremonies.  Friendships nurtured for four years or so are threatened by separation and a change of moving on to enter college.  Though this is a known and inevitable even, the sadness remains.  Life consists of a series of moving on instances and people just have to learn to accept this reality.

When is the Get Over It Day in 2018?

Get Over It Day is on March 9, 2018, a Friday.

Get Over It Day  is always observed in the United States of America on the 9th day of March each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the Get Over It Day:

Get Over It Day was first observed in March 9, 2006 as a day to let go of hurt, bitterness, humiliation and disappointments.  It was created as a result of a personal experience of Jeff Goldblatt, a business man in Atlanta.  He chose the date as it’s halfway between Valentine’s Day and April Fools’ Day.

The Get Over It Day observance:

The term was coined to denote acceptance.  This was first used by gay people in their plea for people to accept them for who they are.  Thus, to observe this day, acceptance is the key element.  Without it, no one can truly get over with anything in life.  It’s the day to make a firm resolution to quit rationalizing and intellectualizing painful occurrences.

Action, after acceptance, represents celebration of this special but sad day.  The options include stopping making sense of the hurt by simply writing it down the diary; laughing the pain or humiliation off; or, crying in solitude while listening to the song, “One last cry.”  Prayer is another way to observe this day.  Focus feelings to God’s endless blessings, instead of the pain, can surely give a person the courage to get over.

When is the Get Over It Day in 2019?

The Get Over It Day is on March 9, 2019, a Saturday.