According to George Santayana, the family is one of nature’s masterpieces.  Do you agree?  A masterpiece is an art work created with so much love and devotion.  It may have flaws but, despite that, its value is priceless and meant to survive the changes brought by time.

When is the Global Family Day in 2018?

Global Family Day is on January 1, 2018, a Monday.

Global Family Day is always celebrated on the first day of the year annually.

Origin of the Global Family Day:

The Global Family Day is celebrated in the United States as a day of peace and sharing.  Aside from the Global Family Day being a result of the United Nation Millennium celebration themed “One Day in Peace,” not much is recorded on the history or origin of this day.  For centuries though, families gather each first day of the year to welcome the New Year.

Definition of Family:

Various attempts have been made by so many people as to the definition of the word, “Family.”  To date, no all-encompassing definition had yet been coined.  This is probably because “family” isn’t just a word.  It is an encounter that imparts to each individual the importance of human interactions.

To understand the family, we need to understand mankind first.  Man is, by nature, a social being.  The story of Creation attests to this.  When two people, of opposite sex, join together in marriage, a family is created.  The family is then completed when children are born.

The Purpose of the Global Family Day:

Regardless of country, religion, race, political affiliation and colour of the skin, all families gather each first day of the year to share a meal and give gifts.  This is a worldwide event religiously followed by families.  In some countries, this practice arises from the belief that each first day of a new year should be welcome by the family as one single unit of society.

As a family consists of people with different age levels, interests and character traits, misunderstandings cannot be avoided.  In spite of that, they all gather around on this special day in peace and forgiveness.  As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall,” the family congregates as one.  This is what the Global Family Day wish to attain:  To see the world united as one family.

When is the Global Family Day in 2019?

The Global Family Day will be celebrated on January 1, 2019, a Tuesday.

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