How often do we see men and grooming day go together in one sentence? Interestingly, for a particular day, they do. Grooming Day or Men’s Grooming Day is a day for men to give break from their usual “this-can-do” look, and actually give attention to their personal grooming.

Grooming Day 2017

Men’s Grooming Day 2017 will happen on a Friday, August 18th.

Men’s Grooming Day which is celebrated every third Friday of August.

Grooming Day History

American Crew, the company which specializes in men’s grooming style products, was the initiator of giving tribute to men’s overall personal grooming.  Dedicated on the good effects of paying attention to men’s appearance, the company then established Men’s Grooming Day.

What to Do on Grooming Day

First, face a mirror. Does your hair need trimming? Do you always have the same hair style? Do you want to change it? If you said yes to any of the questions, Grooming Day is precisely for that. Go to your nearest barbershop and have a desired trim.

If you take care of your body, you already did part of the job. But since it’s Men’s Grooming Day, a day to be appearance-conscious, be more thorough. Treat your skin with extra care by having enough sleep and applying moisturizer.  Keep your entire appearance clean by choosing to tidy up any disheveled hairdo.

Grooming Day 2018

Next year, Men’s Grooming Day will happen on a Friday, August 17th.

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