National Gummy Worm Day 2017

National Gummy Worm Day or Gummy Worm Day is a very sweet celebration.  This is to give thanks to the invention of one of the world’s most popular candies.  This day lets people remember the various uses of gelatin and how these simple desserts made a difference in the lives of those who ate them.

When is Gummy Worm Day 2017?

Gummy Worm Day will be celebrated on Saturday, July 15th.

Gummy Worm Day is always celebrated on  July 15th. 

What will people do on Gummy Worm Day?

This will be one colorful festival wherein people go to candy stores and enjoy free gummy worms.  They will also go to food museums and watch how the first gummy candies came about.  They can go to factories and see for themselves how tons and tons of this rubbery delight be packaged.  They can make their own gummy candies in their homes. 

How did Gummy Worm Day start?

The gummy candy was invented by a German candy maker named Hans Riegel.  He was the founder of his candy company called Haribo.  He made gummy bears first.  The gummy worms were made by another German company called Trolli and they introduced the new product on July 15, 1981.  Thus gummy worm day became as it is today.

How is a Gummy candy made?

The recipe starts with dissolved gelatin.  Sugar is added. Once the powder ingredients are dissolved these are poured into molds. These are refrigerated then when it hardens, that is already the finished product.  The different flavors will depend on the flavor of the gelatin used.  The colors can be a mixture of 2 or more gelatins.   This procedure can be the basis for making gummy candies at home. Any brand of powdered gelatin can be used and the molds can be bought anywhere from art supply stores to baking stores.  It is easy and fun to do for the whole family.

Chewy candy vs. Soft candy

The choice between having something stretchy or chewy candy to having candies that melt in the mouth, is up to the person who wants to eat it.  Chewy candy takes some time to eat and swallow while soft candies take a short time.  Perhaps having candy that makes someone savor the flavor and make him reminisce about his life is one good candy.  A person can empty a bag of soft candies in maybe less than 10 minutes. Not too long for him to think about other things than the sugar left in his mouth.

When is Gummy Worm Day 2018?

Gummy Worm Day will be celebrated on Sunday, July 15th.