Every year, Hiroshima Day is commemorated to memorialize the numerous lives in Hiroshima, Japan, which was claimed by the American’s nuclear attack. This attack, which was inflicted to Hiroshima as one of the concluding knockdowns of America to Japan during 1945, ended World War II. Currently, Hiroshima Day serves as a reminder of anti-war and anti-nuclear convictions, and that life is more valuable than any victory won through any nuclear weapon.


Hiroshima Day 2017 will happen on a Sunday, 6th of August.

Hiroshima Day is observed every 6th of August.


Hiroshima Day is commemorated every August 6 yearly in remembrance of Hiroshima bombing which happened on August 6, 1945.


1) In 1942, a classified program called the Manhattan Project was launched. This program’s primary goal was to produce an atomic bomb. Apparently, this weapon was used not only to utterly destroy Hiroshima and claim millions of lives. It also opened new war strategies to obliterate a society.

2) Prior to Hiroshima bombing, mass destruction and city vaporization are not customary. But due to the Hiroshima bombing, all war standards were set aside. This resulted to nations’ participation in destruction of places and people.

3) According to an average estimate, 70,000 Japanese people were diminished and an additional of 100, 000 were violently destroyed due to burns and radiationN

4) Picture this: to reach its ultimate annihilation potential, the Hiroshima bomb detonated from the height of 580 meters. The energy spread throughout the hills in the vicinity and ricocheted in the city.

5) The United States remains to be the only nation to have used an atomic weapon on another nation. 


Hiroshima Day need not necessarily bring about horror and grief only. It can also serve as a great reminder of how massive destruction weapons such as nuclear weapons need not to control us. But to do this, we need to be reminded that we should develop a strong spirit against such nuclear weapons and destructiveness in general.

In Hiroshima Day, we can do our share as responsible citizens to disseminate may it be through an organized meeting or through social media about the Hiroshima bombing survivors’ stories. These stories will serve as a convincing message of the importance of human life and how, at all cost, it should be preserved. Another dedication we can do in Hiroshima Day is to seek experts’ opinion about the effects of nuclear threats. This way, the mass will be more enlightened about the negativity and danger it poses.


Hiroshima Day 2018, which is observed every 6th of August, will happen on a Monday.