Every year, the victims and heroes of a tragic event of Holocaust are being remembered and given tribute not just by Jews but by nations all over the world who join and unite together for this vast historic Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is the day that should be kept alive in the hearts of the people who in some way or the other been through this ferocious crime that literally changed the course of World history.

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

The Holocaust Remembrance Day will fall on the evening of Sunday, 23rd of April and last until the evening of Monday, 24th of April 2017 in the Gregorian calendar.

Holocaust Remembrance Day in the Hebrew calendar is set on the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan as the National Memorial Day. If the day itself falls on a Friday, the nation of Israel observes the day on the preceding Thursday. If it falls on a Sunday, they will move it on a Monday to avoid becoming adjacent with the Holy Shabbat.

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The Holocaust Story in a Nutshell

The word “Holocaust” is a Greek term which means, “Sacrifice by fire”. In Hebrew it means “Catastrophe” or “Destruction.” It is a term used for the massive, catastrophic and systematic method of persecution and annihilation of the six million Jews residing in Europe and other millions of people who are disabled, children, homosexual and the antagonist to the Nazi regime headed by the Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler.

The Nazis believed that they are much superior to the Jews who are the eccentric threat to the supposed German racial community and that they are their “Misfortune.”

In the early years of the regime, they have built concentration camps, labor camps and death camps for the massive volume of killing the Jews by gas chambers. They have also created forced-labor camps where people died because of starvation and malnutrition. Some Jews are being dragged from houses and marched them to their grave where they are stripped, lined them and shot by automatic weapons. Their bodies are buried in a mass grave. Some mass murders are also conducted in places in Germany and other nearby countries such as Eastern Poland and Lithuania.

The Holocaust Denial

There are groups of people from every part of Europe and in the Middle east that strongly denied that Holocaust has ever occurred in the World War history but evidences and legit facts boldly acclaimed that this horrible event has taken place as a root of evil plot to annihilate the Jewish nation and its descendants so that they will totally be erased from its existence.

When was Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018

The Holocaust Remembrance Day according to the Gregorian calendar falls on the nightfall of Wednesday, 11th of April and continues until the nightfall of Thursday, 12th of April 2018.