Hoodie Hoo Day or Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day is a special day for people from southern hemisphere to welcome the spring season.  They say farewell to the winter season by shouting “Hoodie Hoo!”

Hoodie Hoo Day 2018

Hoodie Hoo Day 2018 is celebrated on a Tuesday, February 20.

Hoodie Hoo Day is commemorated every year at February 20.

Hoodie Hoo Day Origin

There were no previous records about the history of Hoodie Hoo Day. Although it is not an authorized national holiday, don’t miss out on the chance to take part in this occasion.

What is Hoodie Hoo Day

To put it simply, people from the southern hemisphere experience a bout of winter season. Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day therefore happens when the season change comes, namely spring. This season is received by being outdoors to bask in the wondrous feeling of a warm weather. Thus, a rowdy “Hoodie Hoo!” uproar can be heard to cap off the season transformation.

How to Celebrate Hoodie Hoo Day

To welcome a remarkable day, more should be done aside from the uproarious “Hoodie-Hoo!”

For example, if you are an instructor, to put a creative emphasis on the season change, you can include the season changes and its explanation in your class. For further emphasis, scientific experiments can also be done. By imparting such knowledge, the students will have deeper appreciation of the season.

Creativity could also be translated in simple forms. For instance, it is the perfect time to take a walk, and take pictures. It is always good to have a souvenir of the nature’s awakening after months of hibernation. Happy Hoodie Hoo Day!

Hoodie Hoo Day 2019

Hoodie Hoo Day 2019 is celebrated on a Wednesday, Saturday 20.

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