Need a hug? No doubt all of us love to be hugged. It gives us warmth, comfort and makes us feel loved. Children always receive hugs from their parents. But as we grow older, it seems that we hug and are being hugged less. This coming “Hug a Bear Day”, it is a perfect opportunity to hug your loved ones and also your cuddly teddy bears. Experience the benefits of hugging!

Hug a Bear Day 2017

Hug a Bear Day 2017 will occur on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Hug a Bear Day is always celebrated on the 7th of November.

Hug a Bear Day History

The origin of Hug a Bear Day is unknown but there is a celebration similar to it, the National Hug Day. National Hug Day was created by Kevin Zaborney of Michigan and first celebrated on January 21, 1986. It aims to convey to people the benefits of hugging. This day is celebrated in the US, Canada, China, England and Russia every January 21st.

Teddy Bears and Hugging Benefits

Teddy bear was born in 1903 and became a craze in 1906. Today, teddy bear is a childhood necessity. Police and fire services have found that handing a teddy bear makes children calmer and feel secure.

Hugging is said to have health benefits. It helps in coping with depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger and pain. A hug gives a sense of safety and a feeling of being loved and special. It also teaches us to give and receive.

Hug a Bear Day Celebration

Here are some ways to celebrate this day:

  1. Give your loved ones a big bear hug before leaving.
  2. Hug all your teddy bears and take note of their sizes and textures.
  3. Go to a local store and hug the teddy bears you like.
  4. Make a card with a picture of a bear and send them to your family and friends.
  5. Bring your child to a zoo and see a real bear.
  6.  Make a bear out of clay or bake cookies with a bear design.
  7. Play a bear game with your children. Act and howl like a bear and don’t forget to give them a lot of hugs.

Hug a Bear Day 2018

Hug a Bear Day 2018 will occur on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.