Humanity is a word which transcends race, country, language, age, religion or culture.  Humanity consists of all peoples in the planet Earth united as one.  Unfortunately, this remains a dream.  For to truly be united as one, each country would respect the other countries and help them as they would their own countrymen.

When is the Humanitarian Day in 2018?

Humanitarian Day is on January 15, 2018, a Monday.

Humanitarian Day is celebrated every 15th day of each year.

Origin of the Humanitarian Day:

Humanitarian Day is the first day of the three annual “Emancipation Days of Respect” created to honour Martin Luther King Jr. to promote unity, respect and remembrance.  January 15 was chosen as it corresponds to his birthday.

The second annual day, Victims of Violence Holy Day, is observed on Martin Luther King Jr.’s death anniversary, April 4.  The last annual day, Dream Day Quest and Jubilee, is on August 28 marking the anniversary of his speech entitled “I Have a Dream.”

The Humanitarian Day celebration:

This day is dedicated to those who helped end racial separation in America and is observed by encouraging people to wear white.  Donating money or services to charitable or philanthropic institutions or activities would also be perfect.  Fund raising campaigns for humanitarian causes, through concerts, are also done during this day.

Hat Day:

January 15 also observes the Hat Day.  Originally, hats were worn to protect people from the sun, rain or snow.  Through the years, it evolved to being a status symbol among men and women and, eventually, became a fashion statement.  However, rules are to be followed when men wear hats.  Even women are compelled to follow the rules when they wear unisex hats, such as a baseball cap.

Basic rules on wearing hats require tipping it when meeting a lady or an elder person.  This is a sign of respect and greeting.  Hats are required to be removed during funeral processions, when the National Anthem is played or when the national flag is passed.  Likewise, hats are not to be worn inside residences.

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day:

This special day is also observed on January 15 of each year through the simplest way of eating strawberry ice cream.  Lately, innovative forms of eating strawberry ice cream have been introduced through the creation of various original recipes.

When is the Humanitarian Day in 2019?

Humanitarian Day is on January 15, 2019, a Tuesday.