I Love Lucy Day 2017

I Love Lucy Day or Lucy Day honors the popular 1950’s comedy series “I love Lucy.” This year will be the show’s 63rd anniversary.  The couple, played by then real husband-and-wife, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, won several Emmy’s, which also garnered top ratings even on its last season and is still aired today in the United States.

When is Lucy Day 2017 ?

Lucy Day 2017 is on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Lucy Day is celebrated once a year on October 15.

How did Lucy Day begin?

There is no known official declaration that October 15 is Lucy Day.  But fans of the hit TV show must have wanted to remember how the characters made them laugh and how they waited for the next episode each week.

It is just fitting that I Love Lucy Day was created because this show was unique in its own; aside from the wholesome content of their script; no demeaning or discriminating jokes; there were no cuts, retakes or tapings.

Every scene was shot real-time. And if the actors made mistakes with their lines, those would still be included in the episode.  The most notable event that was included into the script was Lucille Ball’s pregnancy.  It was like making “reel life to real life.”

What will people do on Lucy Day?

The best thing to do on Lucy Day is to watch I love Lucy, of course.  If anyone is lucky enough to have a TV network in their area still airing I love Lucy, then they should spend the day watching and laughing their hearts out.

Another way of celebrating Lucy Day is visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame and seeing the stars of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.  Visiting the old headquarters of Desilu productions in Los Angeles is a great trip down memory lane.

Why not purchase DVD sets of the TV series?  Who knows this can become the first of a collection of “DesiLu” memorabilia? This TV series can be introduced to the new generation who have been used to seeing TV shows of different genres such as CSI, Gossip Girl, Glee among others.

When is Lucy Day 2018?

Lucy Day 2018 is on Monday, October 15, 2018.