People from all nations and of all ages who simply love to write songs, poems, essays, articles, short story or a novel should be aware of this year’s I Love to Write Day. Writers and even aspiring writers, this is the world’s biggest festivity for you so don’t hesitate to become a part of this special day. Rejoice over what you have written and be proud because you have freely expressed yourself in your writings.

When is I Love to Write Day 2017

I Love to Write Day will be observed on Wednesday, November 15.

I Love to Write Day is annually celebrated on 15th of November.

I Love to Write Day Origin

I Love to Write Day was founded in November 15, 2002 by John Riddle from Bear, Delaware who is the author of 34 books. He is a freelance writer and has worked as a ghost writer on numerous projects. His heading has appeared in various famous newspapers and magazines all across the United States. He in fact has written for over 50 magazines and trade journals.

It has all started with his desire to motivate and inspire people to have a heart for writing in their own simple and unique manner. And in just a few weeks, many had responded and supported this special day. It is now celebrated in over 20,000 schools in US.

His goal for instituting this special day is to encourage every person to hold a pen and spend time writing. He considered writing to be fun but also challenging and a very unambiguous way to express one’s self. According to him, there are endless possibilities in writing because you can simply write about anything else that will come across your mind. Writing about something significant for you is a good jump start.

Celebrate I Love to Write Day in Full Swing

Celebrate this day as you also celebrate yourself because you are a writer in the making. Don’t hesitate to write about anything. Nobody’s going to tell you that your article is nonsense. So grab a hold of this day and enjoy writing.

Celebrate I Love to Write Day through the following suggestions:

  • You might want to visit the website of I Love to Write Day see their upcoming programs and events this year.
  • If you have been deprived of writing because of your past experience, try to turn it around and use those experiences as your inspiration for your article.
  • If you never tried to write yet, and you got no words to say and you don’t know how to start; start to write about your favourite place when you’re still young or maybe about your home place.
  • A good writer loves to read books. Some of the ideas that you will include in your article will sometimes come from the books you are reading.
  • Spread the word about this I Love to Write Day in your community. Some might not yet aware of this special national holiday.
  • Allow yourself to go to a place like the seashore for a better peaceful and quiet place to write about something you want.

I Love to Write Day 2018

I Love to Write Day will be observed on a Thursday, 15th of November.