Ice Cream day is a treat for ice cream lovers and makers alike. This day has been officially declared that everyone will make their own flavor of ice cream.

When Is Ice Cream Day 2017

National Ice Cream Day will be celebrated in the year 2017 on Sunday, July 16.

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated every year on every 3rd  Sunday of July.

When did ice cream day begin? 

Former United States President Ronald Reagan declared that July be called “The National Ice Cream Month” in 1984.  Supposedly, it is on the 3rd Sunday of July that the National Ice Cream Day is held but for some reason it was moved earlier to July 1st.  He also added that there should be celebrations and events made.  President Reagan was a fan of ice cream himself.

What happens on ice cream day?

Ice cream stores and factories throughout the United States come up with all sorts of “unique” recipes of their ice cream.  People flock to enjoy the new flavors.  In California, some factories offer tours of their facilities and samples of their products.  Ordinary people too can celebrate ice cream day in their own homes.  All they need is their creativity and a little inspiration.

How does one get creative with ice cream?

Ice cream is usually made with these ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, salt.  Once the ice cream base is made, the fun part begins.  The flavors are then added after.  From the usual to the expensive, whether fruit or vegetable even spices, whatever suits their fancy are added to the ice cream.  Alcoholic drinks, tea, condiments, other foods, name it, they put it in.  Some would even tweak the base recipe and go for non-gluten, no milk, no cream, no sugar and no egg.

The every-flavor inspiration

If there is someone who can’t think of what to put in their ice cream, they should let their imaginative taste buds bring them around the world.  They can look to the theme “every kind of flavor” and remember “Bertie Bot’s every-flavor beans” from the English fantasy book series, Harry Potter. They can browse through the list in the book and see all the ingredients from the downright weird to the inedible. But of course the purpose of creating the one-of-a-kind ice cream is to eat it.

Speaking about beans, in the Philippines, there is also the “halo-halo” [which means “mixing”] dessert wherein beans, coconut, jackfruit, jelly, tapioca, sweet potato, rice crispies together with ice cream.  A Filipino ice cream brand called Magnolia also has a “flavor of the month” tub.   Consumers can expect different 12 different tastes each year.  A restaurant called “Sebastian’s” in Manila also serves ice cream made of the country’s local sweet, rice-based desserts. 

In Japan, they have mochi cakes: ice cream wrapped in glutinous rice.  There is the so called “fried ice cream;” ice cream wrapped in dough and deep-fried that is also popular in other parts of Asia.

The sweetest deal

Even though President Reagan only made the declaration on July 1984, people have been enjoying and anyone can have ice cream in any way they want, any time.  I personally have tried eating Chinese “Ngohiong” (a kind of spring roll with a thicker wrapper) topped with vanilla ice cream.  There is this one Indiana county fair in the United States that served pork “parfaits” and hot beef “sundaes.” Even if it’s not July, try creating your own ice cream and share it with everyone.

When is National Ice-cream Day 2018?

National Ice Cream Day will be celebrated in the year 2018 on Sunday, July 15.

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