Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the modern times.  The body’s own cells turn against it and destroys healthy tissue.  There is still no known cure.  But with the advent of chemotherapy some symptoms are lessened although there are side-effects especially on hair growth. International Bandanna day or Bandanna day joins the daily struggles of people with cancer and the bandanna is a symbol of the battles they fought.

When is Bandanna Day 2017?

Bandanna Day 2017 is on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

Bandanna Day is celebrated every year on October 25. (some celebrated it on October 18).

How did Bandanna Day begin?

The origin of Bandanna day is unknown but this seems to have been initiated by an Australian youth organization supporting teens who have cancer called CanTeen.  They will be celebrating their Bandanna day on October 18,   But some celebrate it on October 25.

What will people do on Bandanna Day?

Bandanna day’s aim is to give support to young cancer patients through selling bandannas.   They encourage schools and other youth to participate in making bandannas.  They also show different ways on how to wear a bandanna.  Their theme is: “Attitude is everything.”

The Best Weapon Against Cancer

“Prevention is better than cure” especially for diseases like cancer that has no cure at all.  But if things cannot be prevented the best solution is to fight it with attitude.  The late Talia Joy Castellano of Florida gave the best example of Bandanna day’s theme.   At a young age, she used hobbies as her means of cope with her difficult condition.

She made blogs, videos about her hobbies and her illness.  She even launched her own clothing line.  For her having cancer did not stop her from living the few years of her life to the fullest.  And when she was gone, she left a great legacy and people will never forget her.  She is like a bandanna to youths like her: vibrant and colorful.

When is Bandanna Day 2018?

Bandanna Day 2018 is on Thursday, October 25, 2018.