International Beer Day 2017

International Beer Day or Beer Day is a feast for all beer makers and lovers.  This is a wonderful social gathering of friends where they sit down and enjoy beer.  Beer day also celebrates the world’s 3rd most popular drink.

When is International  Beer Day 2017?

International Beer Day 2017 will be celebrated on  Friday, August 4th.

International Beer Day  is always celebrated on the first Friday of August.

What will people do on Beer Day?

There are lots of activities done on Beer day.  Bars, restaurants and breweries show off samples of their new beers.  At the same time restaurants and bars extend their hours of opening and give specials on their beers.  They include games and giveaways to make it really fun.  Foods that are best served with beer also have discounts.  People at home also celebrate beer day.  Whether with a barbecue, movie or just a chat with friends over beer, the main point is to enjoy this popular beverage served ice-cold.

How did Beer Day begin?

A certain beer lover named Jesse Avshalomov together with friends asked their local bar to start this celebration on August 2007.  They made a website to advertise their newly created holiday and they got so many viewers around the world.  Thus their International Beer day came to be.  One person’s love of beer gave other beer lovers a chance to share their passion.

Oktoberfest vs. International Beer Day

Unlike the older celebration of Oktoberfest, an annual, 16-day food and drink festival (including beer, most importantly) in Germany, Beer day is celebrated around the world in one day.  Several countries can participate and drink to their heart’s content.  Oktoberfest began as a wedding feast for King Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810.  But beer day was only recently created.  The 2 holidays cannot be interchanged because they are 2 months apart as well.

Just a reminder

Beer lovers know how amazing their favorite drink is just as tea and coffee lovers do.  But beer contains alcohol which is detrimental to health if consumed in large amounts.  Alcohol has so many effects on the body especially the brain.  Drunken people become rowdy then start fights that may end in violence.  So to give the police a break to enjoy beer and to prevent embarrassment, beer drinkers from all over keep this in mind: drink responsibly.

When is International  Beer Day 2018?

International Beer Day 2018 will be celebrated on  Friday, August 3rd.

So for next year, a very interesting jig can be sung.  The original lyrics came from the “berry” sweet and loving character of Strawberry Shortcake.  She and the common drunkard are very much poles apart.  But her song seemed to fit “beery” nicely to Beer Day.  Here it goes:


 Grab a partner, lend a mug

Come and fill your beery jug

Can by can, one by one

Drink ’till the work is done

From early dusk and the whole day through

Drink, Drink, Drink is what we do

Cask by cask, one by one

Drink ’till the work is done

It’s time to celebrate, laugh and drink

There’s barely in the air

We love our Beer and kegs!