Dancing is an artistic performance highly influenced by culture and history.  It is not just fancy foot, hand and body work but also includes facial expression and teamwork.  Considered as a very good physical exercise, it also serves as a showcase of a country’s ethnic art, story and beauty.  Though not everyone can dance, everyone is invited to participate in the worldwide celebration of this particular performing art.

When is the International Dance Day in 2017?

The International Dance Day is on April 29, 2017, a Saturday.

The International Dance Day is always celebrated worldwide on the twenty ninth of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the International Dance Day:

The International or World Dance Day was created in 1982 by the International Dance Committee or the CID.  This non-profit umbrella group was founded in 1973 as a segment of the International Theatre Institute of UNESCO.  Having its base in Paris, France, it is dedicated to the promotion of the International Dance Day and supports all forms of dance all over the world.

The date chosen for the observance of the International Dance Day is the natal day of a famous French dancer, ballet connoisseur and dance reformer, Jean-Georges Noverre.  This event aims to create awareness of the value of dance and beseech all governments to support it.  This can be done by including dancing in all educational system and providing proper venue for it.

The Observance of the International Dance Day:

On this special day, renowned dance personalities issue messages of encouragement which is spread to all corners of the world.  Through the supervision of the International Dance Council, each country prepares a list of activities which may range from offering open-door-courses in a particular dance to yoga training.

Exhibitions, ballet performances and modern dance competitions among schools and organizations are also held.  All scheduled activities are supported by multimedia.  Numerous articles and reviews are also written on the various presentations of the day.  Fund raising activities are also undertaken, such as ballet performances, for the maintenance of dance facilities or dance scholars in the community.

When is the International Dance Day in 2018?

The International Dance Day is on April 29, 2018, a Sunday.

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