Through the centuries, science had brought forth so much change in life.  Through the relentless efforts of scientists in various fields, humankind got the answers to the many questions in their mind.  This questions range from the origin of mankind, life and the planet.  New findings in developments in many fields of study are shared through the educational institutions and international celebrations worldwide.

When is the International Darwin Day in 2018?

The International Darwin Day is on February 12, 2018, a Monday.

The International Darwin Day is always celebrated on the 12th day of February each year.

The International Darwin Day:

The International Darwin Day is a global celebration of science and reason on the birthday of Charles Darwin, a famous evolutionary biologist.  Events on the special day are supported by the International Darwin Day Foundation, a non-profit education corporation managed by the American Humanist Association.

The Origin and history of the International Darwin Day:

The Darwin Day in 1993 was cofounded by Dr. Robert “Bob” Stephens at Stanford University.  The first official event though was held in April 22, 1995 featuring a lecture entitled “Darwin and Human Origins.”  This was held at the Krasge Auditorium by Dr. Donald Johanson, a famed anthropologist who discovered “Lucy,” the early human fossil.

The subsequent celebrations’ date and venue were later changed to coincide with Charles Darwin’s natal day.  As simultaneous celebrations are conducted in many cities and countries in the world, the website of the International Darwin Day Foundation assists in the events information campaign.  This results to a synchronized celebration of Science and Humanity within various cultures worldwide.

The International Darwin Day celebration:

To participate in the celebration of this day, visiting the International Darwin Day Foundation website would disclose the list of events in various places.  Joining an event near you would be best.  Scheduled activities include dinner parties, film showings, week-long symposia, lectures and plays.  Reading Charles Darwin’s well-known book, “The Origin of the Species,” is also suggested.

When is the International Darwin Day in 2019?

The International Darwin Day is on February 12, 2019, a Tuesday.