There are common beliefs transcending culture, language and country.  One of these unifying factors is the family and its salient role in the society.  Referred to as a love university, it is in this small group of people where a love is shown, felt and nurtured.  It is such great comfort to know that a day in a year is observed to remind people of how important the family is.

When is the International Day of Families in 2017?

The International Day of Families is on May 15, 2017, a Monday.

The International Day of Families is observed worldwide every 15th of May each year.

Origin and Purpose of the International Day of Families:

This special day was established through a proclamation issued in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly.   This initiative is in line with 1994 being chosen by UN as the Year of Families.  The inaugural observance, held in 1995 at the UN Headquarters, was participated by the Universal Peace Foundation.

The Universal Peace Foundation is an international network of people and organizations dedicated to creating a peaceful world.  This group seeks to attain its goal through promotion of a universal religious and moral tenet.  The International Day of Families was created to honor the family as the smallest unit of the community of the world.

The 2015 International Day of Families Observance:

2015 is the 21th observance of the International Day of Families. For 2015, the International Day of Families’ theme is: Men in Charge? Gender Equality and Children’s Rights in Contemporary Families.

This theme was inspired by a recent publication titled Men in charge? Rethinking of Authority in Muslim Legal Tradition. Bringing into light that there are certain societal and cultural structures that support and even promote gender inequality and familial violence, this year’s theme aims to consolidate and coordinate steps to remedy that. Focusing on the most cost-effective method, prevention, methods on that front is on the main agenda.

When is the 2018 International Day of Families?

The International Day of Families is on May 15, 2018, a Tuesday.

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