Other than being the adorably cute creatures we see in zoo shows, seals are some of the most hunted marine mammal in the world driving them near extinction. The largest threat on seals are the humans who try to catch them for their blubber, meat and pelts. International Day Of The Seal is for raising awareness and promote conservation of seals worldwide.

International Day Of The Seal 2020

International Day Of The Seal 2020 will be on Sunday, March 22.

International Day Of The Seal is celebrated every 22nd of the March.

International Day Of The Seal Origin

International Day Of The Seal was declared a special day by the United States Congress on March 22, 1982 to promote awareness to stop the cruelty against different seal populations around the world.

International Day Of The Seal Celebration

  • Prepare movies for the whole family about stories that include seals and have a movie marathon at home. Suggested movies include Andre, Totti, The White Seal, Artic Tale, Salty the Seal, The Secret of the Seal.
  • Volunteer to have a talk at the local schools about the lives and dangers to the lives of seals. You can include videos from Discovery Channel or National Geographic for full effect.
  • Visit the zoos that have a special seal show on this day or volunteer to feed the seals in captivity.

International Day Of The Seal Facts

  • Seals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) of the United States which was put into law in 1972.
  • The Humane Society of the United States has different programs that promote saving the seal populations around the globe.
  • Even before the International Day Of The Seals became a special day, seals have been depicted as important parts of various cultures. Ancient Greek coins have an image of a seal, seals were mentioned by Aristotle and Homer, Moche people of Peru have seals in the artwork, and Celts have myths about seals that could walk.

International Day Of The Seal 2021

International Day of the Seal 2021 will be Monday, March 22.