Are you looking for a place of fun excitement? Go out with your friends and play your favourite board games, computer games, or card games in the celebration of International Games Day @ Your Library. This global celebration is going to be thrilling since libraries worldwide are participating.

When is International Games Day @ Your Library 2017

International Games Day @ Your Library 2017 will be celebrated on Thursday, 16th of November.

International Games Day @ Your Library is always observed in November 16.

International Games Day @ Your Library Origin

We typically know that libraries are just about books and reading, but as the 21st century approached and technology kicks up to its level, libraries has to do its part in attributing proper knowledge to the minds of the younger generation by taking advantage of our technology. Written books and other reading materials are good and classic but kids will rather go to the web and search for what they need instead of going to a library.

In order to cope with, the American Library Association had its National initiative that will bring about all the libraries all over the world to be literally a place of gaming and playing together just for a special day. It was established in the year 2007. This year will be the 6th annual celebration of about 2,000 libraries around the world.

Ultimately, this is a special day where libraries around the world get a chance to celebrate games and libraries at the same time that helps to hold out and generate library lovers worldwide and delight in the power of play and knowledge.

Ways to Celebrate the International Games Day @ Your Library

If you are asking, why should there be games in the library? It is a bit strange but it’s more of an optimistic idea to capture the attention of children and enjoy being inside the library.

Libraries are about sharing a philosophy, standards and information and games are a system of principles which we often have to share to someone we play with.

Whether you will play video games, table top games, social games or any other types of game in the library it tremendously augments the educational, social and recreational value of the game being shared with others.

The library is the safest place for kids for video gaming because it is a non-viable area where they can easily socialize with other playmates while books and librarian is around. They can also meet new sets of friends and interact with them or share their skills and expertise.

In celebration of International Games Day @ Your Library, here are some ways to have an exhilarating experience while learning.

  • Check if your local library is participating in this event. Invite your friends to join you in your visit to your library not to read or do a research but to play.
  • Share the idea of International Games Day @ Your Library with your kids and invite them to play board games in the library.
  • Blog about the International Games Day @ Your Library and support this holiday by encouraging people and families that it is more fun to play while learning.
  • Meet new friends inside the library and share your thoughts about what is the best game to play.

International Games Day @ Your Library 2018

International Games Day @ Your Library will take place on a Friday, 16th of November.