For adventure-seekers out there, this is for you: International Geocaching Day. Geocaching Day is  a designated day for hunting treasures placed in a cache using Global Positioning System or GPS.

 International Geocaching Day 2017

International Geocaching Day 2017 will be on a Saturday, August 19th.

International Geocaching Day is done every third Saturday of August every year.

International Geocaching Day Origin

There were no authenticated records which support the origin of Geocaching Day. Worldwide, however, geocaching is done because of its several benefits like social, physical and educational advantages.

All about Geocaching

Firstly what is geocaching? Geo which is shortened for geography and caching which means to conceal or bury something. Geocaching is an organized activity that involves thoroughly looking for a treasure placed in a cache. These caches are waterproof and contain a logbook where the hunters will write the date and time they found the treasure. These are placed in different places around the world except for places that require ruining or rearranging to be found. To track such treasures, one must possess a gadget with GPS.

One of the purposes of geocaching is to train the hunters of their treasure-hunting , hiking, navigating and benchmarking skills primarily.

The Benefits of Geocaching

Geocaching encourages people in an outdoor adventure where they can exercise both their physical flexibility and mental prowess. In the process of hunting for treasures, they create a unique bonding with their friends and establish new friendships.

International Geocaching Day 2018

International Geocaching Day 2018 will be on a Saturday, August 18.

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