Girls are common victims of media influence, peer pressure, bullying, physical and verbal abuse. International Girls Day is a day to empower girls to stand up against these issues and boost their confidence. Take part in International Girls Day and celebrate the uniqueness and potential of each girl.

International Girls Day 2017

International Girls Day 2017 will be on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

International Girls Day is always celebrated on the 14th of November.

International Girls Day Origin

International Girls Day was created in 2010 by Kappa Delta on behalf of the Confidence Coalition.  It acknowledges the spirit of girls and encourages girls to pursue their dreams with a slogan “She can do anything”.

Girls are often pressured by their peers, the media and cultural stereotypes to behave in a certain way or please everyone. It is a day to celebrate the uniqueness of girls. It encourages girls to pursue their interests, embrace their talents and abilities and love themselves.

Kappa Delta and Confidence Coalition

Kappa Delta is a sorority at the State Female Normal School in Farmville, Virginia. It was the first of the four sororities founded there. Kappa Delta has more than 230,000 members and over 14,000 undergraduate members in 149 active collegiate chapters. It also has over 510 chartered alumnae chapters.

Confidence Coalition was created by Kappa Delta in the Spring of 2009. It gathers individuals, companies and organizations that are committed to promote confidence in girls and women. This movement aims to empower girls and women to face issues that affect their self-esteem such as bullying and physical or verbal abuse.

International Girls Day Celebration

For girls, here are some ideas to celebrate this day:

  1. Spend time with your friends and talk about your goals and the career you want to pursue. You can ask a few women about their goals, careers and how they help the community.
  2. Together with your friends, make photo albums, scrapbooks, photo collages or paintings that show your unique sides.
  3. Send encouraging cards to other girls.
  4. Cultivate a new interest such as cooking, baking and gardening.
  5. With the permission of your parents, go out for an adventure with your friends.
  6. Parents can also celebrate with their daughters by:
  7. Inviting other mothers with their girls for a small party and enjoy fun games and activities.
  8.  Having a mother-daughter bonding. Treat your daughters for a spa, manicure/pedicure, or a hair makeover. Make them choose the polish or hair styles that best represent them.
  9. Going out for lunch. Talk with them and ask about their dreams, fears and the issues they face at school. Parents are the best source of advice for their daughters.

International Girls Day 2018

International Girls Day will be on Wednesday, the 14th of November.