International Mandela Day, nelson mandela international day,  is a day dedicated to Nelson Mandela’s zealous cause to fight for human rights. Celebrated on his birth date, it is not a public holiday. Still, everyone is  encouraged to acknowledge Mandela’s contribution in promoting worldwide peace and freedom and to do his own share, however little or big, in improving the current world condition.

International Nelson Mandela Day 2017

International Nelson Mandela Day 2017 will occur on a Tuesday, July 18th.

International Nelson Mandela Day  is always celebrated on July 18th.

Mandela Day

Mandela Day was first inaugurated by the United Nations last November 2009. It serves as a day to honor Mandela’s honorable missions and legacies.

One of Mandela’s greatest contributions to humanity was his cause to break the conspiracy of silence among AIDS sufferers in South Africa. He gave voices to the AIDS sufferers to be granted anti-retroviral drugs. Eventually, it created a significant impact not only to South Africans but to governments worldwide to support Mandela’s cause to actively combat a lethal disease through appropriate medical support.

International Mandela Day- What’s your Move?

Mandela Day serves as a call for each of us: Do your actions contribute to the betterment of your community, your society, your country or in a global scale? Whatever situation you might be in, with the right cause and persistence, your actions can make a great difference.

We never truly know how our influence stops. So on International Mandela Day, make sure you inspire someone with an influence good enough to create a domino effect.

International Nelson Mandela Day 2018

International Nelson Mandela Day 2018 will occur on a Wednesday, July 18.