Midwives are the unsung heroes of the health care profession.  From the onset of pregnancy till after birth of the child, the midwives unselfishly assist in the care of both the mother and the child.  Just as the medical profession go through changes with the passing years, so do changes affect the midwives of the world.

When is the International Midwives Day in 2017?

The International Midwives Day is on May 5, 2017, a Friday.

The International Midwives Day is always observed, all over the world, on the fifth day of May each year.

Origin and Purpose of the International Midwives Day:

The inaugural observance of the International Midwives Day was on May 5, 1991.  This is an initiative agreed by the attendees of the 1987 International Conference of Midwives in Netherland.  Observed in almost all countries worldwide, this day is devoted to the recognition and appreciation of the midwives globally.  It is a day to pay tribute for their valuable contribution to the upkeep of the health of their nation.

Observance of the International Midwives Day:

Through the initiative of the International Confederation of Midwives, the activities for this day, supported by tri-media through news and feature coverage, include:

  • Programs at community health centres featuring singing and dancing contests;
  • Marches and rallies by national midwifery organizations seeking government support on certain professional issues;
  • Sports activities such as mass runs or walkathons;
  • Street parades supported by the local government;
  • Privately funded conferences;
  • Workshops and panel discussions; and,
  • Global symposium on the international level.

The event of each year is guided by a chosen theme.  But, in general, events focus on educational updates for midwives; development of professional associations; regulation of the vocation and skills improvements.  As observed, the 19th century ushered the professionalism of midwifery yet showed the gradual decrease in people’s interest to continue this line of work.

When is the 2018 International Midwives Day?

The International Midwives Day is on May 5, 2018, a Saturday.