Towels are valuable for its usage and comfort.  A comfort towel, blanket or pillow is a common sight among very young children.  Just as a child needs to be weaned from drinking milk in a bottle, so must he be weaned from that towel that had provided him security since birth.  The International Towel Day salutes the author of the book acknowledging the value of towels.

When is the International Towel Day in 2017?

The International Towel Day is on May 25, 2017, a Thursday.

The International Towel Day is always observed worldwide on the 25th of May each year.

Origin and Purpose of the International Towel Day:

The International Towel Day was first observed on May 25, 2001.  The date chosen was just two weeks after the death of Douglas Adams, the author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  Listed as one of the ten recent urban legends, this day was created by the fans to honor the book and its author.

The special day chose its name as the book focused on the value of towel, not only to hitchhikers, but to all mankind.  This can be found at Chapter Two of the said book which gives credit to Innsbruck, Austria as its inspiration.  It was so popular that it was aired as a radio play in 1978 on BBC Radio 4.

Observance of the International Towel Day:

The most famous way to observe this international event is for all to carry towels, everywhere they may be, for the whole day.  Each year, more countries join in the annual celebration, giving rise to more creative activities:

  • Watching the 2005 released movie of the book;
  • Organizing or joining towel competitions;
  • Help promote the special day through various multimedia sites;
  • Hosting a swimming party;
  • Read the book;
  • Wear tee-shirts printed with “Don’t Panic!” which is the slogan of the day;
  • Sponsor or join towel design competitions; or,
  • Join the Towel Day Ambassador contest.

When is the International Towel Day in 2018?

The International Towel Day is on May 25, 2018, Friday.