Tuba is an instrument generally known as a big fat instrument. But it’s more than your eyes see and something more than you realize. Tuba Day is a day to recognize the real things about this instrument and let the world know of it.

When is International Tuba Day 2017

International Tuba Day 2017 will be celebrated on Friday May 5.

International Tuba Day is always celebrated on first Friday on May.

International Tuba Day Origin

International Tuba Day was founded by Joel Day a famous tuba artist in the year of 1979. He attended Lower Marion High School at that year and observed that tubists doesn’t get their expected respects, rather they are thrown to the back. And observing this misbehave with tuba artists he started this day.

International Tuba Day Celebration

Main purpose of celebrating this day is to recognize the talent of tuba artists.

  • If you are a tuba artist then you can celebrate this day by taking relax time.
  • If you are not a tuba artist then you need to know of the tuba and tuba artists.
  • Try to know what actually this instrument does and how does it really work.
  • Try to know if only big lung is enough for playing tuba or you actually have to get some talents.
  • Try to know of the famous tuba artists and listen some of their records.

International Tuba Day Facts

International tuba day not only recognizes the talent of tuba artists, but also let us know of its real attraction. There are several facts of this day:

  • Main fact of this day is to let the world realize that tuba doesn’t mean Oomph; rather it’s something more than this.
  • Only large, fat body and a big lung is not enough to be a tuba artist.
  • Tuba artist doesn’t belong to the back of any band; rather they deserve the front row like others.
  • You need real talent and you have to work hard to be a great tuba artist.

International Tuba Day 2018

International Tuba Day 2018 will occur on Friday May 4.