Waffles are one of my favourite foodies!  It’s an all-day meal for me from sunrise to sundown.  Breakfast can be with butter and maple syrup with a strip or two of bacon.  Lunch can be with blueberries and a chicken leg fried to a crisp.  Dinner would be perfect with Belgian waffles and a banana.  So, even if Waffle Day comes twice a year, I honestly don’t mind!

When is the International Waffle Day in 2018?

The International Waffle Day is on March 25, 2018, a Sunday.

The International Waffle Day is usually observed worldwide on the 25th of March each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the International Waffle Day:

Waffles originated from Greece around the 13th century.  In Sweden, the International Waffle Day began as a result of a confusion with the observance of the “Our Lady’s Day.”  This Christian celebration of Annunciation of the same date had then been celebrated together with the International Waffle Day.  Eating waffles is now the country’s way of welcoming the spring.

International Waffle Day in the United States of America:

The United States of America’s official Waffle Day is on August 24 of each year.  The date is the patenting anniversary of the first waffle iron invented in 1869 by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York.  Thus, waffle lovers all over the world get a chance to celebrate the International Waffle Day twice in a year.

The International Waffle Day Activities:

Obviously, the perfect way to celebrate this day is to eat waffles.  It can be bought from a store or simply made at home.  Dining in restaurants and availing of discounts and freebies on waffle sale for the day can also be interesting.

Homebodies would probably spend the day creating new recipes and sharing it with neighbours and friends.  This would be best through hosting tea parties or going on picnics.  And while eating waffles, listening to local radio stations would further enhance the day’s festive mood.

When is the International Waffle Day in 2019?

The International Waffle Day is on March 25, 2019, a Monday.