iPods nowadays come in different designs and uses. Yet only a few have an idea about its evolution.  This iPod Day, a special day celebrated on the date it was created, let’s experience and appreciate what changes iPod made possible in music accessibility.

iPod Day 2017

iPod Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Monday, October 23rd.  

iPod Day is annually celebrated every 23rd of October.

iPod Day Origin

iPod was first created by Apple Inc. and was released to the market on October 23, 2001. Ever since 2001, iPod has undergone developments with its change categorized in 4 versions: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Classic.

To give tribute to iPod’s role in the significant improvement of portable music industry, every October 23, since it was officially known to the public, iPod Day is acknowledged.

10 Things You Should Know about iPod

1) It was not Steve Jobs who first designed iPod. Led by Jobs’ engineers team Jon Rubinstein, alongside hardware engineers Anthony Fadell and Micheal Dhuey, they created a portable music device that could connect to the internet. In 2001, the idea was accepted by Apple.

2) On August 2006, for a cost of 100 million US dollars, Creative, Apple’s competitor, filed charges against Apple for using an already patented iPod menu.

3) Apple’s first iPod has a 5GB capacity.

4) An average iPod sound range is 120 decibels.

5) Interestingly, in France, an iPod with over 100 decibels is not allowed. Thus, when iPods are shipped to Europe, it has a changed volume setting.

6) 231, 776 US dollars- the price of world’s most expensive iPod.

7) From 2001 since it was created, by 2006, around 41 million units of iPod were already sold.

8) If unused at all, an average iPod battery could last until fourteen to twenty-eight days.

9) If fully charged, an average iPod could play music straightly for 8-20 hours.

10) iPhone’s most expensive part is its touch screen, which costs 35 dollars.

iPod– Shuffling its Way to 13 Years

Ever since October 23, 2011, iPod has brought and defined music enjoyment to another level. Imagine, numerous songs can simply be at your ear’s reach! It’s no wonder that more than millions of iPods have been sold since it was created with its distinguishing style and user-friendly designs.

In 2007, iPod elevated to iPod touch with its touchscreen feature. This feature thus paved way to applications and games. Still keeping it classic, now a user can enjoy both the limitless music and the other perks of an iPod.

Standing by one of Apple’s slogans “Think Different”, undoubtedly, iPod has passed through generations of changes (Touch, Shuffle, Nano, Mini and Classic) and yet it is a work in progress. A change with the goal to serve its users’ needs better.

iPod Day 2018

iPod Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Tuesday, October 23rd.