Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be remembered even when you have long been gone from this world?  For an ordinary person with a not-so-glamorous career, it would be like throwing punches to the moon.  But then again, blue moons exist!  So are the exceptions to the ruleJohnny Appleseed is one of those rarities indeed!

When is the Johnny Appleseed Day in 2017/8?

The Johnny Appleseed Day is on  September 26, 2017, a Tuesday. The Johnny Appleseed Day also celebrated on March 11, 2018, a Sunday.

The Johnny Appleseed Day is observed on March 11 and on  September 26 of each year in the United States of America.

The Origin and Purpose of the Johnny Appleseed Day:

Johnny Appleseed, born as Jonathan Chapman, is an American gardener who planted apple trees in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia of the United States of America.  The inaugural observance of this special day was in 1888.  The Johnny Appleseed Day is observed on either March 11 or on September 26 of each year.

The former represents his alleged date of death and the apple harvest time.  The latter, on the other hand, represents his birthday in 1774.  This day gives honour to this humble but famous American missionary and conservatism leader.  Born at Leominster, Massachusetts, he has been proclaimed Massachusetts’ official hero.

Who is Johnny Appleseed?

Known for his kind and gentle ways, even to insects and all forms of animals, this vegetarian travelled through the different states planting apple, singing and preaching.  To this day, American homes sing his song before they partake of their meals.  He was believed to be opposed to grafting as his apples were not sweet and was used mainly for making cider.

The Johnny Appleseed Day celebration:

There are many ways of celebrating this unusual day regardless if it’s in March or September of the year.  Reading books or comics featuring Johnny Appleseed is encouraged.  Watching films or television shows inspired by him, his life story and works are also fine ways of observance.  Visiting his monuments with friends would also be quaint.

Planting an apple tree; eating an apple, apple pie or apple ice cream; drinking cider with friends; preparing an apple based menu or sauce; or, learning about apple trees are also nice ways to enjoy the exceptional day.  It can also be a perfect time to try to be a vegetarian or extending kindness to animals as Johnny Appleseed did in his lifetime!

When is the Johnny Appleseed Day in 2018/9?

The Johnny Appleseed Day is on September 26, 2018, a Wednesday. And on March 11, 2019, a Monday,