KEN DAY 2018

It’s quite amazing to have toys belonging to a community and a story that unfolds with each edition or series.  From the old paper dolls that kids would design, draw, colour and cut paper clothes, doll toys are now available with all perceivable accessories!  Blame it to commercialism?  With Barbie and Ken, creativity and ingenuity sounds better!

When is Ken Day in 2018?

Ken Day is on March 13, 2018, a Tuesday.

Ken Day is always observed all over the world on the 13th of March each year.

The Origin of Ken Day:

Ken Day is the anniversary of Ken Carson’s presentation to a toy fair by its creator, Ruth Handler, of Mattel in 1961.  This toy was created to be Barbie’s boyfriend with their first meeting on a television commercial set.  Both Barbie and Ken are named after the names of their creator’s children.

Who is Ken Carson?

Ken Carson, a boy toy, is the son of Carl Carson, a physician, and the elder brother of Tommy, who was introduced to the market in 1996.  He is also the best friend of Allan Sherwood who eventually became Midge’s husband.

Ken stands a foot tall with brown hair and loves to wear fashionable outfits.  Just like Barbie, he has many careers and was featured in “Toy Story 3” as voiced by the famous Michael Keaton.  He lost Barbie in 2004 to Blaine Gordon but was able to regain his love interest in 2011.

The Ken Day celebration:

As Ken’s existence is out of the need for romance, this special day is perfect to go on a date with someone special.  It’s also a great time to do some shopping and updating one’s wardrobe or accessories.  For those with no relationships, going out with friends for a beach barbecue party would also be wonderful.

When is Ken Day in 2019?

Ken Day is on March 13, 2019, a Wednesday.

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